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Champions aren't made in the gyms.  Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision.




 2017 Junior Legion Roster


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  1 Dylan Sebek
  2 Nick Ross
  3 Trevor Stephenson
  7 Sam Choby
  9 Luke Anderson
  10 Nathan Panichella
  11 Sterling Bush
  12 Michael Hosni
  13 Austin Resnik
  14 Anthony Johnston
  15 Adam Prenatt
  17 Derek Choby
  18 Josh Reese
  19 Nate Wilkins
  20 MItch Miletics
  22 Colin Rubino
  23 Jeremy Reese
  Head Coach Jaison Resnik
  Asst Coach Ryan Brandt
  Asst Coach Mike Hosni
  Asst Coach Thad Anderson