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Champions aren't made in the gyms.  Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision.




2007 Junior Legion Photos

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2016 - Cory Hegedus
2015 - Eric Loucks
2014 - Grant Fox
2013 - Tyler Lilja
2012 - Anthony Fanelli
2011 - Zach Zimmerman
2010 - Tim Norris
2009 - Jon Murphy
2008 - Dan Norris
2007 - Zack Martin
2006 - Mike Harvat
2005 - Brandon Gnesda
2004 - Dave Campbell
2003 - Tyler Anderson
2002 - Eric Floriani
Justin Wells Kyle Zaverl Alex Haines Sal Vivio
Tim Norris Zach Zimmerman Zach Zimmerman Alex Haines
Tim Norris Kyle Zaverl Zach Zimmerman West Hempfield Fans
Sue Norris Tim Norris Cory Terek Doug Ansick
Matt Thompson Zack Shaw Casey Anthony Matt Thompson
Zach Zimmerman Zach Zimmerman Cory Terek Luke Zimmerman
Luke Zimmerman Luke Zimmerman Zack Shaw Jared Hensler
Jared Hensler Dan Norris, Coach Dubich, & Christian Hensler Watching
Jr. Legion Game
Jared Hensler Alex Haines
Matt Thompson Kyle Zaverl & Coach Ferrara Jen Stevenson Sal Vivio
Doug Ansick Tim Norris Zach Zimmerman Cory Terek
Justin Wells Sal Vivio Matt Loucks Tim Norris
Justin Wells Doug Ansick Coach Buzzard Coach Ferrara
Luke Zimmerman & Zach Shaw Kyle Zaverl Alex Haines Zach Zimmerman
Jared Hensler Kyle Zaverl & Jared Hensler Ross Deglau Sal Vivio
Tim Norris Cory Terek Justin Wells Jared Hensler
Coach Buzzard & Jared Hensler Ross Deglau Sal Vivio Doug Ansick
Casey Anthony Ross Deglau & Coach Hassinger Jared Hensler Doug Ansick
Cory Terek Zack Shaw Doug Ansick Cory Terek
Tim Norris Casey Anthony Sal Vivio Coach Buzzard & the Infielders
Cory Terek Tim Norris Justin Wells Zack Shaw
Zack Shaw Tim Norris Sal Vivio Ross Deglau
Alex Haines Zach Zimmerman Alex Haines  
Zach Zimmerman Tim Norris Sal Vivio Doug Ansick
Cory Terek Matt Thompson Justin Wells Zach Zimmerman
Cory Terek Cory Terek Alex Haines Alex Haines
Doug Ansick Tim Norris Alex Haines Kyle Zaverl
Doug Ansick Sal Vivio Matt Thompson Sal Vivio
Coach Buzzard Sal Vivio Sal Vivio Zach Zimmerman
Matt Loucks Matt Loucks Justin Wells Sal Vivio
Sal Vivio Zach Zimmerman Alex Haines Matt Loucks
Matt Loucks Kyle Zaverl Alex Haines Alex Haines