Stokes Quotes

Champions aren't made in the gyms.  Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision.




2006 Season in Photos

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Zack Martin Mike Harvat Coach Stokes & Parents The Buffet Line
Mike Harvat &
Steve Dubich
at the Banquet
Coach Stokes &
Mike Harvat
Dan Norris T-Shirt Design Created
by the Team
Steve Dubich Zack Martin 2006 Banquet Our Cake
2006 Banquet at
K-Vay's Restaurant
Coach Stokes &
Dan Norris
Banquet at K-Vay's 2006 Banquet
Coach Stokes & John Veach-Dixon Jason Battiston 2006 Banquet 2006 Banquet
Zach Miller & Johnathan Rouse Eric Ferry 2006 Banquet Jon Murphy &
Mike Harvat
After a Tough Loss in District Finals Walking off the Field after
the District Finals
Meeting on the Mound Celebrating a Win at Latrobe
Preparing for the Game Making the Line-Up Saying the Pledge Before the Game Mike Harvat
Steve Dubich,
Zack Martin,
& Mike Harvat
Steve Dubich &
Mike Harvat after their Final Legion Baseball Game
  Steve Dubich &
Mike Harvat
  John Veach-Dixon & Steve Dubich   Coach Roach
      Steve Dubich Taking
a Cut vs. Latrobe
Steve Dubich Steve Dubich    
Jon Murphy After Game Meeting Pre-Game Ceremony
  Jason Battiston
Scoring vs. Latrobe
Bryan Morrison Putting Down a Successful Bunt Coach Buzzard
Mike Harvat Mike Harvat Checking for Signs Kyle McCullough
Scoring vs. Latrobe
Jason Battiston
The Minds at Work Mike Harvat Jason Battiston Avoiding the Tag Celebrating a Run
Brain Trust Steve Saunders, Jason Battiston, & John Veach Dixon Mike Harvat Jason Battiston Scoring
John Veach-Dixon Jason Battiston Turning 2 Steve Dubich Mike Harvat
After a Latrobe Win Jason Battiston Making a Play Mike Harvat &
Kyle McCullough
Bryan Morrison
Zack Martin Jon Murphy & Coach Stokes John Veach-Dixon Team Celebrating Scoring a Run
Big Win Dan Norris
a Big Win
Jon Murphy Mike Harvat
The Team Celebrating
beating Latrobe
Mike Harvat
Stealing 2nd
Mike Harvat
Stealing 2nd

Coach Stokes & Coach Wyman Dan Norris Turning 2   Mike Harvat
Kyle Anderson,
Kyle McGinnis,
& Zach Cassa
Zack Martin &
Zack Cassa
Zack Martin,
Steve Dubich,
& Jon Murphy
  Preparing the Mound Steve Dubich,
John Veach-Dixon, & Mike Harvat
Mike Harvat &
Steve Dubich
    Mike Harvat  
John Veach-Dixon Jon Murphy
      Steve Dubich & Steve Saunders
Zack Martin
Bryan Morrison & Jason Battiston
Mike Harvat Kyle McCullough Kyle McCulllough, Bryan Morrison, & Mike Harvat Mike Harvat
Mike Harvat Celebrating
a Win vs.
Hempfield East
Taking Infield/Outfield Mike Harvat
      John Veach-Dixon
    John Veach-Dixon  
    Bryan Morrison  
Zack Martin
Getting Ready
 for the Game
Pre-Game Meeting Mike Harvat
Kyle Anderson
Bryan Morrison Steve Dubich Steve Dubich Kyle McGinnis, Coach Stokes,
& Steve Saunders
Jon Murphy Bryan Morrison Dan Norris  
Zack Martin
John Veach-Dixon Jon Murphy

Mike Harvat Mike Harvat MIke Harvat Bryan Morrison
Jon Murphy   Jon Murphy Steve Dubich